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Physical Education Grading Scale 6th-8th Grade

6th-8th Grade will given the letter grade scale on all four terms in the school year. Student's grade will be determine by Participation, Sportsmanship, Respect, Assesments, and PE Uniform/shoes.

Grading Scale

Grades will consist of letter grades ABCDF


Participation: 25%


Respect: 25%

Assessments: 15%

PE Uniform/shoes: 10%

All Students will need:

- Be on time

- Change into their gym uniforms (in locker rooms) every day in order to participate in class

- Pay PE fee (shirt) by first week of school

- Wear comfortable gym short/pants; short must be knee length or one inch above knees. Colors must   be black or navy blue with not logos (not provided by the school) 

- Must wear appropriate gym shoes