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Welcome to Health & Jr. High Physical Education Class

This year students will learn the value of physical education through a healthy, fun, and motivated environment. Student will learn basic to advance sports and activity skills. The skills are sequenced throught the year with your child's ability in mind. The overall goal is to help every student learn, participate, motivate, expericence and be successful everyday. We define success  as accomplishing skills rather than focusing on competition. Students will learn how to use sportmantship by participating in sports and activities as a team, by motivating one another, helping each other to succeed and finish together as one. I am here to make a positive impact in your child's life. If you have questions or information that might help me better work with your child please contact me. I am looking forward to an awesome school year!


Health education, integral to the success of students in Utah's educational setting, provides opportunities for students to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for life-long, health-enhancing behaviors. Schools can better achieve their basic educational mission if students are healthy and fit physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Habits that young people establish will affect their future health status in a positive or negative manner. Schools share the responsibility with parents and communities to help prevent unnecessary injury, disease, and chronic health conditions that lead to a low quality of life, disability, or early death.